Dear colleague,

We are glad to inform you that, like all other cadre services of BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service), BCS Health Cadre Association is on move.

A convener committee is working for a pretty long time to formulate constitution and organizational backbone. Now its time for each and everyone of us to participate actively in this association. Simply download the attached file, fill up the membership form and send by return mail to our email address at You will be asked to deposit a membership fee of tk 100 only. Then you will get an invitation to join facebook group ‘health forum’ and you will be able to follow our posts, activities, past and present achievements including future plans.

From now onward, we expect all of us will be able to get selection grade and promotion in due time like other cadre service officers. For this, we must maintain good service record, complete foundation training, pass departmental exam, get service confirmation and pass the senior scale exam in due time. So hurry up !!!!!!!!!!

Feel free to contact our core persons by email or mobile phone. And you may also give your valuable opinion concerning structural framework of central executive committee and district/organizational unit committee.

With thanks,